Plant-Based & Natural, Biobased Chemicals are the Better Alternative

Biobased products are derived from farm grown natural oils, vegetables and/or plant matter. They do not contain toxic chemicals and have very low VOC emissions making them safer for the environment and human health than petroleum-based alternatives, and perform as well if not better. Click to check out our products.

Parts Washer Service Program

With this program, buy or rent any parts washer, we provide service at a frequency that fits your needs with aselection of cleaning solutions: solvent, biobased, or aqueous. We service the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana areas. Also, our patented self-service Grease Gator technology is a great option. Click to learn more.

Disposal, Recycling, and Beneficial Reuse Environmental Services

Reduce waste and save money. With SSI managing your chemical supply and/or disposal you will do good for your community and provide positive environmental results with strategic material reuse objectives. These services are available in the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana areas. Click to learn more.

Surplus and Feedstock Supply Services- putting the supply-chain to work for you

We specialize in edible and inedible fats, and oils and proteins. We service the bio, feed, fertilizer, food, and chemical industries. We provide: transportation, scheduling, market information, weekly prices and guarantee of service and quality. Click to learn more.

Sanitizer Products

A broad range of sanitizer products that will help you keep your workers, customers, offices, manufacturing facilities, and fleets clean and sanitized. Click to learn more.

Awards and Testimonials

SSI products and services have won impressive awards and we are proud of the outstanding comments from our customers on the use of our products and services. Click to learn more.

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