SSI Friction Reducer Bio-Fuel Additive

ULSD reduces air pollution at a cost of reduced lubricity.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) was introduced to satisfy Federal regulations for clean air.  This regulation reduced the allowable sulfur in diesel fuel by 90% to 15 ppm and greatly contributed to clean air.  However, an unintended consequence of this regulation was that ULSD lost its ability to provide lubricity to the engine.  Sulfur had provided this lubricity and with the insufficient lubricity in ULSD, moving parts are at risk to wear prematurely. 

SSI Friction Reducer brings back the lubricity, naturally with plant power.

It is well documented* that biodiesel improves fuel lubricity and raises the cetane number of the blended fuel.  In fact, tests have shown that biodiesel can increase fuel lubricity at blend levels as low as 2% biodiesel (Figure 1).

GEN2 Bio Fuel Additive

*Paper presented at BioEnergy 94 by University of Missouri: Lubricating Qualities of Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends.
** SSI Friction Reducer ASTM D6079 Test Results

SSI Friction Reducer Fuel Additive: Goes Beyond Biodiesel with Better Lubricity! SSI Friction Reducer is a non-ester, plant-based, renewable diesel and is classified by the EPA as an "Advanced Biofuel". SSI Friction Reducer Fuel Additive ASTM test results show that with a concentration level as low as .5%, SSI Friction Reducer will provide 42% better lubrication than B-100 (100% Biodiesel)! And at a 280 micron wear level for ASTM D6079 testing, SSI Friction Reducer brings ULSD 39% below the 460 micrometer wear level recommended by the Engine Manufacturers Association, EMA, in their recommended North American Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Properties.

SSI Friction Reducer's innovative manufacturing process boosts the lubrication features by capturing the natural lubrication properties of the plant oil feedstock. The testimonial shown on the sidebar from Knauz AutoPark illustrates how real users are benefiting today from SSI Friction Reducer's plant power.

Engines Love Lubricity, Engines Love SSI Friction Reducer

"Engines don't make horsepower; they convert fuel into torque. Torque is the twisting force imparted to the crank flange and then transmitted to the transmission and the rest of the drivetrain. Power is torque multiplied by engine speed to produce a measurement of the engine's ability to do work over a given period of time."* Friction gets in the way and reduces power. When friction is reduced, power will increase. When you reduce friction with SSI Friction Reducer, Power is increased!


Other SSI Friction Reducer Features

  • SSI Friction Reducer stops water contamination. With ULSD this is even more important as ULSD naturally absorbs water from the air in humid conditions and SSI Friction Reducer will keep it in check.
  • SSI Friction Reducer is formulated for year-round use and has superior cold weather performance with a cloud point that is lower than diesel fuel and it remains liquid at temperatures below zero F.
  • SSI Friction Reducer has superior oxidative stability that surpasses both diesel and traditional biodiesel. This means that long term storage of SSI Friction Reducer mixtures will retain color, clarity and aroma over extended storage periods.

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