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Buyers and Suppliers

of Fats, Oils, and Proteins to Grow Your Business

We specialize in edible and inedible fats, and oils and proteins. We service the bio, feed, fertilizer, food, and chemical industries.

We provide: SSI Feedstock Transportation
1. Transportation (trucks, rail, etc.)
2. Scheduling
3. Market information
4. Weekly prices
5. Guarantee of service and quality as contracted

All claims handled according to the industry trade rules and standards of your product, with reimbursement of documented costs.

AAFCO Compliant on all feed ingredients.

Fats, oils, and proteins we handle include:
Corn Oil, Brown Grease, Soybean and Canola Oil, Used Cooking Oil, Choice White Grease, Off-Grade Fats and Oils, Edible Lard and Tallow, Glycerin, Yellow Grease (AV fats), Blood Meal, Bacon Fat Meat and Bone Meal, Chicken Fat, Feather Meal, and Poultry Fat.

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