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Hero UltraSolve

Hero Biobased UltraSolve

  • NO VOC rating with only 1 g/l VOCs.
  • Compliant with the most stringent state clean air regulations.
  • Cleaning power is 250 times stronger than mineral spirits.
  • Satisfies Federal Biobased Buying requirements, exceeds USDA BioPreferred Biobased specifications.
  • Excellent penetrating lubricant features, will free stuck fastners with ease and keep moving parts lubricated.

16 ounce Spray Bottle:


1 gallon including spray bottle:



SSI Friction Reducer

SSI Friction Reducer Fuel Additive

Bring back the lubricity lost with ULSD diesel fuel, naturally with advanced biofuel formula.

Only 1 ounce per one gallon diesel eliminates low lubricity which is a major cause of engine equipment failure and costly repairs.

Reduces fuel supply water contamination and provides superior oxidative stability.

Advanced biofuel formula is an EPA approved diesel alternative making it the best kind of fuel additive.

Quart size:


2 Quart case: