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Solvent System International's over 250 happy customers in the vehicle maintenance business including body shops demonstrate the value that SSI brings to this important industry.

Knauz Auto Park in Lake Bluff IL is one noteworthy customer. Using SSI's biobased program for partswashing, floor cleaning, non-aerosol penetrant, and car wash supplies helped Knauz win the Illinois Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention. They were able to make significant environmental improvements in their operations and the use of SSI products and services helped achieve the gains that led to the award. Further SSI products received high marks from the auto service technicians on their performance compared to other product as well as the quality service SSI provides.

SSI can bring the same high level value to your business. We provide::

Paint Gun Cleaner

Our F101 is the industry standard gun cleaner but a more environmentally friendly blend. We can supply new & pickup used at same time for maximum savings. auto We can recycle the used solvent and provide it back for you to use it again, saving money and natural resources.

Our Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve is a great paint gun cleaner. Ultra-Solve is SSI's biobased alternative that works as well if not better as F101 in many cases. We invite you to try it for a special introductory price and compare for yourself. You will find that the benefits of using biobased are significant.


Penetrating Lubricant

HeroUltra-Solve is a versatile product, try it as a penetrating lubricant. It comes in convenient sizes with a non-aerosol oiler system for easy application. There are thousands of uses for a good penetrating lubricant and Hero UltraSolve delivers.




Waste Disposal, Recycling, and Beneficial Reuse Services

SSI can process used oil, oil filters, paint waste, anti-freeze, spent solvents, light bulbs andauto more using the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods.




Parts Washer Service

SSI leases, services and sells parts washers of all types. The award winning Grease Gator Aqueous Parts Washer System is SSI's latest parts washing innovation featuring a autopatented oil-water separator.

We offer alternatives when selecting a cleaning solution for your parts washer. For our non-aqueous parts washers, we offer the industry standard mineral spirits. Or Hero Biobased UltraSolve is also a great natural and safe cleaner/degreaser in a parts washer. It compares favorably to mineral spirits but is safer for people and the environment.



Chemical Supply

SSI's relationships with Chemical Supply Vendors and Distributors allow us to offer very competitive pricing for the products you are currently using. For further savings, if you purchase multiple SSI products and services we can reduce transportation costs by consolidating product deliveries. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote for the SSI products and services that may fit your requirements.



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