Plant-Based & Natural, Biobased is the Future


Biobased products are derived from farm grown natural oils, vegetables and/or plant matter. They do not contain toxic chemicals and have very low VOC emissions making them safer for the environment and human health than petroleum-based alternatives.

Renewable and Sustainable

You likely have heard a lot about "Renewable" and "Sustainable" products. They are the buzzwords that are often used when discussing our future based on our interaction with our environment. But what exactly do they mean?

Sustainability is a new way of thinking about an age-old concern: ensuring that our children and grandchildren inherit a tomorrow that is at least as good as today, preferably better. It tells us that we must balance between resources used and resources regenerated.

This idea is conveyed in SSI's philosophy of environmental protection and stewardship. For more on this topic read our blog.

Renewable products are by definition sustainable because we can always grow more. They do not deplete the earth's limited resources.

Biobased products ARE RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE and they can help YOUR business be more Renewable and Sustainable.

Let us show you the possibilities with SSI Biobased Products. Click on the product name to go to the specific product page.

Methyl Ester

SSI Methyl Esters are oleochemicals derived from vegetable feedstocks. Our methyl ester products have a ultra-low VOC content of 1 g/l which qualifies for a no-VOC rating which may be displayed on products. Select from SSI Vegetable Methyl Ester, SSI Soy Methyl Ester, or SSI Canola Methyl Ester.
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SSI Biobased UltraSolve boosts methyl ester's cleaning power by adding a surfactant and making the solvent rinsible with water. UltraSolve cleans and protects surfaces by removing oil and grease leaving a corrosion resistant barrier. Parts can be wiped dry, wet-wiped or rinsed off with water. UltraSolve is 250% stronger than mineral spirits with a 75 Kb value vs. mineral spirits 30 Kb value.
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Grafitti Remover

SSI Biobased Graffiti Remover is tough on paint…gentle on the environment, 100% biobased, a renewable plant derived solvent. Removes graffiti markings, spray paint, marker, ink, crayon, pencil, adhesive and wax. Can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal, painted surfaces, fiberglass, brick, acrylic and many more. Zero VOC and Rinsable.
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Mastic Remover

SSI Biobased Mastic Remover removes all types of mastics, adhesives, pastes, and glues. It brings superior performance and safety to your workplace with an environmentally-friendly, plant-based, low-odor and low-VOC formula.
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Mold Remover

SSI Biobased Mold Remover is a non-toxic formula that eradicates bacteria, mold, mildew and their odors by destroying them at their source. It also leaves a residual barrier on the surface that prevents mold re-growth for months. Also removes mold stains.
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Two-Step Mold Remover

SSI’s Bio-Oxygen® system combines a 2-part formula using our delivery and application protocol which has either micro mists or foam application options.
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Dust Control

SSI Biobased Dust Control is very effective at keeping construction dust down. It is non-toxic for plants and animals and does not pollute the waterways. It encapsulates the soil and prevents dust.
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USDA Biobased Preferred

SSI Methyl Ester and UltraSolve are certified USDA Biobased Preferred.
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