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Hero Biobased Solvents & Soaps

Solvent Systems International offers two versatile biobased products. Hero Biobased UltraSolve and Floor Cleaner handle tough jobs with natural cleaning power.

Hero Biobased UltraSolve

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Hero Biobased Ultra-SolveHero Biobased Ultra-Solve"It’s amazing! I think it’s by far the best cleaning agent we’ve ever used considering its low environmental impact…in 45 years in business!!" says a happy Hero UltraSolve customer.

"This stuff works!" a Knauz Autopark mechanic recently summed up his experience with Hero UltraSolve as he worked on a late model engine breakdown and repair. It is like a biobased "Liquid Handyman"!

Hero Biobased UltraSolve boosts methyl ester's cleaning power by adding a surfactant and making the solvent rinsible with water. UltraSolve cleans and protects surfaces by removing oil and grease leaving a corrosion resistant barrier if desired. Parts can be wiped dry, wet wiped or rinsed off with water as per finishing requirements. UltraSolve is 250% stronger than mineral spirits with a 75 Kb value vs. mineral spirits 30 Kb value (Kb or Kauri-Butanol value measures a solvent's "cleaning-horsepower", the higher the better).

Hero Biobased Ultra-SolveHero Biobased UltraSolve adds safety to the workplace with low VOC emissions and a FlashPoint greater than 140°F . Hero Biobased UltraSolve is great as a biobased replacement for more hazardous solvents such as mineral spirits and can be used in any parts washer.

Liquid HandymanHero Biobased UltraSolve is versatile. It can clean masonry walls removing graffiti. It works well as a lubricating penetrant, loosening rusted parts with ease, freeing stuck mechanisms, and keeping parts running smoothly. It is like a Liquid Handyman.

Hero Biobased UltraSolve is:

  • Low HAP
  • Not an Ozone Depleting Solvent
  • Does not contribute to Global Warming
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Aluminum Safe
  • Renewable & Sustainable

Hero Biobased UltraSolve meets USDA BioPreferred Biobased standards and can satisfy Federal biobased buying requirements.

The below chart highlights the advantages of Hero Biobased UltraSolve over the more hazardous competitors.

Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve

Hero Refillable AerosolAdditionally when you use the Hero Refillable Sprayer you can eliminate aerosols. The Hero Refillable Sprayer has a precision machined metal spray tip that adjusts from a fine mist to a thin stream. It works better than a conventional aerosol. Save money and save the environment. The high quality Hero Refillable Spayer is made from steel with a powder coated red finish with leakproof joints.



Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve Information SheetHero Biobased UltraSolve Information Sheet


Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve Information SheetHero Biobased UtraSolve SDS


Hero Biobased UltraSolve is now available on amazon.com:

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Hero Biobased Floor Cleaner

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Hero Biobased FloorHero Biobased FloorHero Biobased Floor Cleaner can be used in automatic floor cleaners or with manual mopping. Hero cleans with plant-power at very cost effective prices. Hero also alleviates disposal problems, with a Readily Disposal rating Hero Floor Cleaner is municipal sewer system friendly.


Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve Information SheetHero Biobased Floor Cleaner Information Sheet


Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve Information SheetHero Biobased Floor Cleaner MSDS


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