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Specialty Chemicals & Supplies

Solvent System International is a distributor for many industrial chemicals. Below are a few, but if you don't see what your need let us know and we will be happy to provide you a quote. Bundle these products with other SSI products and services and you will lower your delivered price further!

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SSI Glass Cleaner

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Our specially formulated All Season Windshield Washer fluid and Glass Cleaner is designed to remove light snow and ice and help repel road spray. Not only does it improve winter driving visibility, but it powers off bugs and road grime in the hot dusty summer months. Protects your windshield in temperatures from 120 to -20 degrees F.

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SSI Glass Cleaner MSDSSSI Glass Cleaner MSDS


SSI Carpet Cleaner

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Thanks to the encapsulation process carpets can stay cleaner and last longer. The secret is a revolutionary technology, which suspends dirt, oil, and detergent residue, so that standard vacuums can remove it.

Encapsulation chemicals differ from traditional carpet cleaning products in that they are not designed to emulsify dirt. The process of emulsification can leave a sticky residue on carpets making them susceptible to more dirt. In contrast, encapsulation chemicals surround each particle of dirt and crystallize it, so it repels other soil. The dirt particles, then rise to the surface of the carpet and are easily removed with normal vacuuming. This process helps carpets stay cleaner because it does not leave behind a layer of sticky residue. Encapsulation carpet cleaners also incorporate acid dye resistors, surface tension modifiers, and polymers, which eliminate the need for rinsing.

SSI Carpet Cleaner

SSI Carpet Cleaner MSDS


SSI 150

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Mineral Spirits low aromatic blend with VOC Content Less Than 218g/L.

SSI 150 Mineral Spirits



SSI Low VOC Brake Cleaner

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SS Low VOC Brake CleanerLow VOC Brake Cleaner ...

Aerosol Replacement System

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Use Hero Biobased Penetrating Lubricant with a refillable aerosol easy-to-use spray bottle.

Use SSI Brake Cleaner with a refillable aerosol easy-to-use spray bottle.


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Questions? Send us a note and we will contact you to discuss more. Competitive prices and dependable delivery make SSI a valuable source for your chemical needs.