Solvent Systems International Used Cooking Oil Collection Program

Earn Revenue from your used cooking oil, saving $$$ HUNDREDS $$$ on your annual cooking oil expense, while doing good for our environment.

Here are the details:

oil1. We Pay You! We pay you for your used cooking oil because we bring it to biodiesel producers to turn into biodiesel. To bodiesel producers, your used cooking oil has value. After it is turned into biodiesel your oil has another life to help satisfy our nation's growing energy needs.

2. To maximize the amount we pay you for your used cooking oil, we maximize our trucks utilization by including SSI's other transportation requirements. This increases the number of stops per day per truck and minimizes transportation costs per stop increasing the amount of money we pay you.

green3. We provide you with marketing materials that help you promote the benefits of this program to your customers. You can tell a compelling story, one that talks about how your used cooking oil is working to improve the environment, to improve human health, and to reduce petroleum usage. The door decal shown to the right is one example of marketing material available. Here is another story you can tell: How the Marines are using biofuels to power the U.S. Military...

4. If you are a member of the Greek American GARCRestaurant Association (GARA) you are eligilble for special discounts. Give us a call to learn the latest details on this partnership.

5. Drums, and depending on local conditions, storage bins, are used for on-site oil collection. This enables us to pick-up the entire drum and return a clean, empty drum. We schedule our pickups at your convenience and depending on volume.

Solvent Systems International

We will be happy to provide any additional information that will help your decision on the value of using SSI for your used cooking oil removal. Solvent Systems International has a history of caring for the environment and we have created this economical program to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the current state of the market.




Questions? Would you like more information? Send us a note, we'll get right back to you. Thanks!