Custom Power Formulations

custom power blendDo you ever wish you can "dial up" the cleaning power of your solvent?

While not "dialing up" the hazardous properties that usually go along with increased cleaning power.

SSI produces methyl ester biobased solvents for a multitude of applications that have KB solvency ratings equal to and greater than many common petroleum based solvents. And a key advantage of SSI bio-solvents is while most petroleum solvents have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are toxic and can contribute to global warming, SSI’s biobased formulations have a zero VOC rating! This indicates how safe they are for people and the environment (for more on the benefits of biobased see the sidebar).

SSI cleaning powerHow does KB actually work? Kauri resin is a fossilized resin derived from the sap of the Kauri pine tree, which grows primarily in New Zealand. This resin dissolves easily in normal butyl alcohol (butanol) but will not dissolve very well in hydrocarbon solvents. To run the KB one dissolves 20 grams of the Kauri resin in a fixed amount of n-butanol. This solution is then titrated with the hydrocarbon solvent to a “cloud point” or until the clear solution first turns slightly turbid or hazy. To make the cloud point easier to see the test is usually performed over a page of ten-point type. When the ten-point type becomes slightly blurred or not quite crystal clear, you have reached the cloud-point. The volume or number of milliliters of hydrocarbon solvent used to reach the cloud-point is reported as the Kauri-Butanol or KB value of the hydrocarbon solvent. By this methodology the greater the volume of solvent needed to reach the cloud-point, the “stronger” the hydrocarbon solvent. A solvent with a KB value of 100 (ml) is a much stronger solvent than one with a KB value of 30.

Custom Formulate

The SSI Lab can custom formulate a bio-solvent with the cleaning power that matches your needs from a sample of the material you need to remove. The below photos show how a custom blend of SSI UltraSolve was formulated to quickly remove paint.

ink removal

Send us a note and we will give you a call to discuss how SSI biobased custom formulations can work for you.