SSI Biobased Dust Control Agent

truck in dust cloud

The dust kicked up by heavy equipment at mines, cement plants and on logging roads can compromise the health, safety and productivity of workers. SSI Dust Control Agent is an easy, money-saving way to keep dangerous dust on the ground and out of the air.

A proprietary mix of rosin salt soap, mixed with water then sprayed over gravel roads, is very effective at keeping dust down. The salts attract water from the air that keeps the roadway slightly moist which controls road dust. Rosin Soap is non-toxic for plants and animals and does not pollute the waterways. It encapsulates the soil preventing dust.

In sum, SSI Biobased Dust Control Agent:

  • Provides Long-Term Dust Control with a single application
  • Effective in all Weather Conditions
  • Becomes ‘sticky’ clinging to the dust particles for an increased time period in all weather and traffic conditions
  • Non-Toxic, contains no SARA Title 313 reportables
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive, Non-Carcinogenic
  • Neutral pH
  • Remains Bonded with Heavy Traffic
  • Will not affect tire traction
  • Derived from natural sources
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for workers and the environment
  • Colorless upon addition to water
  • Resists freezing depending on dilution rate
  • Improves air quality
  • Will not contaminate water supplies
  • Increases safety by improving visibility and preventing accidents
  • Compacts and stabilizes road surfaces – lengthening the time between repairs
  • Create a cleaner, more productive environment for your employees
  • Reduce fugitive dust emissions by 50-70%

Salts of rosin are widely used in the paper, the soap and detergents industries. The sodium salts of rosin are used in paper sizing chemicals to give the finished product a better surface finish and water resistance. Potassium salts of rosin are used in the production of various soaps and detergents.

SSI Dust Control Agent will adhere to all sizes of silica particles preventing the fines from becoming airborne. Sprayed onto sand grains it adheres to the small dust particles, effectively trapping them. Silica dust inhalation can be hazardous to the health of workers, and recent OSHA ruling has limited the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable silica dust in order to have a safer work environment. This liquid dust-control agent is effective on sands of all mesh size, including 100-mesh sand.




Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve Information SheetSSI Dust Control Agent SDS

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