Disposal, Recycling, and Beneficial Reuse Environmental Services


environmentLet SSI be your environmental services partner. We will help you to reduce waste and save money. To do good for your community with positive environmental results with a very economical used material management program. We provide transportation for these services in the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana areas.

We will pick up your industrial waste materials which can include paint waste, used oil, antifreeze, oil SSI Environmental Servicesfilters, non-hazardous water and cutting fluids, spent solvents, bulbs, and computers (and more). We route the material to recycling and disposal facilities for processing. We have relationships with several facilities to allow us to pick the best facility for the material. We are very proud of our record of turning waste materials into new products for industry with this operation and we continually strive to advance the opportunities in this area. We have been recognized with the Illinois Governor's Award for Waste Reduction for our work in the area of pollution prevention. We are an active member of NORA,the Association of Responsible Recyclers.

NORAWe also can handle all of your disposal requirements for non-recyclable wastes. We will send your waste to the right facility offering the right disposal method at the right price. We first consider the most environmentally-friendly options such as waste-to-energy when determining the best method of disposal. With SSI, you can expect to minimize your disposal costs and liability.

Before we consider disposal or recycling options, we investigate Beneficial Reuse opportunities. Beneficial Reuse is when a material is directly usable by another business/industry. We have a deep network of contacts who are looking for these types of material opportunties. This is the best way to handle a used material and SSI will provide you the most options that will broaden the opportunities in this area.

No matter how your waste is handled, you will receive certificates of recycling and disposal for your documentation.


paperworkWe Handle All Paperwork


To expedite waste removal and shipping and to keep you in compliance, we provide pre-printed manifests, labels, and other shipping paperwork.

We can provide reports that can you prepare any reporting that may be required for Federal, State and/or local municipalities.



driverOur top-notch trucking fleet provides excellent safety, knowledge and flexibility. Our Drivers are courteous and knowledgeable and will handle your material in a safe and professional manner.

Our trucks have all required federal and state permits, licenses, and registration as well insurance.

We schedule our multi-function trucks with the most efficient service stops to reduce our transportation costs and bring the savings to you.

The First Step: Profiling


Allow us to profile your waste material and then we will give you a proposal to pickup and process your material. For common materials we have programs and prices in place that will make it easy to give you the cost. For less common materials, our relationships with several processing facilities will allow us to give you a very competitive price.

Give us a call at 847-437-1100 or drop us a note using the below form and let us to show you the difference we can make. There is no cost to hear our offer.