Gel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer



Gel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer compares to the best hand sanitizers on the market that clean without water. Complete below form for more info on ordering.

Hand Sanitizer

  • KILLS GERMS - Kills up to 99.99% of common germs including Covid-19 without water.
  • CONTAINS ETHYL ALCOHOL - Contains over 65% ethanol that will kill Covid-19.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Gel product allows complete distribution over hands before it evaporates.
  • GENTLE ON HANDS - Includes USP 99.7% kosher glycerin, aloe, and a fresh scent that leaves hands soft, smooth with a pleasant smell.
  • CAN USE ANYWHERE - Great for restaurants, bars, health clubs, manufacturing floors, auto service shops, offices, anywhere.

Gel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is getting good reviews:

William Harrow, CEO of Continental Paper Grading, an international paper recycling company says: "Everyone here loves your sanitizer...I just used it as well... it's great!"

Steve, President of Blendtech Industries says "The new hand sanitizer gel is great. I have had customers return different kinds of liquids and gels due to smell, unexpected viscosity, or drying times. Your product has great cling and the smell is what I would call fresh laundry. Mild but pleasant. My customers, employees, friends, and family are going to be pleased. Thanks again."


Available in gallons, cases, and pallets.






Alcohol Gel Hand Cleaner TDS covid 19 corona virusGel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer TDS

Alcohol Gel Hand Cleaner TDS covid 19 corona virusGel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer SDS




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