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The Aqueous Grease Gator Parts Washing System


  • The Grease Gator's oil-water splitter purifies the cleaning solution constantly.grease gator
  • The Grease Gator is patented technology.
  • The Grease Gator is powerful cleaning.
  • The Grease Gator is environmentally-friendly parts cleaning.
  • The Grease Gator is better than mineral spirits:
    - it cleans 57% faster,
    - it has 99.5% less VOCs,
    - it eliminates 1,000 lbs. of organic waste per year per mineral spirits parts washer replaced.
  • The Grease Gator is the first major innovation in parts washer technology in over 50 years.
  • The Grease Gator eliminates the need for expensive fluid replacement services.
  • The Grease Gator provides rust protection that stays with the part.

Grease Gator

The Grease Gator Models

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grease gatorgrease gator<<The 32 - Sink Dimensions: 32" L X 20" W X 7.5" D

The 48 - Sink Dimensions: 48" L X 26" W X 10" D >>


Sink Details: Sill Height: 37 1/2"; 16 Gauge Stainless Steel with High Quality Finish; Sink top frame construction with radius corners for an esthetically pleasing geometry and clean seamless look; High Quality Hand TIG Welded Tank seam.; Stainless Steel Lid Latch; Angle formed Lid Flanges for improved strength and ease of opening; Loc-Line Style Acetal Flex Nozzle; Flow Thru Cleaning Brush Assembly; Flow Regulating Valve to Direct Flow; Stainless Steel Crumb Cup with Stainless Steel Filter Strainer.

Grease Gator Grease Gator Information Sheet


grease gator<< The Gatorizer - Any standard parts washer sink will fit the Gatorizer.

Grease Gator Gatorizer Gatorizer Information Sheet


All models include: 30 gallon Purifier Vessel; 1,500 W Digital Heating System with Precision Sensor; Digital 24 Hour Timer to Control Heater; Solution Capacity: 25 Gallon; Pump: 300 GPH, magnetic submersible; Electrical Requirements: 120V/60 Hz/20A; Electrical Control Box with Ground Fault Protection for submersible pump; Grease Gator Purification System Drum Insert with Oil Collection System.

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The Grease Gator Aqueous Cleaning Solution & Anti-Rust

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The Grease Gator Aqueous Cleaning Solution is specially formulated for maximum cleaning and maximum oil-water purification. Additionally, Grease Gator Anti-Rust is added to the solution to eliminate rust issues. All Grease Gator Models come with a Gator StarterPak which is enough cleaning solution and anti-rust solution for the first month of operation. Purchase additional solution by the GatorPak. A GatorPak includes 4 gallons of Grease Gator Aqueous Cleaning Solution and 1 pint of Grease Gator Anti-Rust.

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Grease Gator GatorPak

Grease GatorGrease Gator Aqueous Cleaning Solution Information Sheet


Grease Gator Anti-RustGrease Gator Anti-Rust SDS


Grease Gator Aqueous Cleaning SolutionGrease Gator concentrate 44991 SDS



Grease Gator Videos

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Watch the Grease Gator clean while it stays clean

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