Touchless Clean Hands Program
with Gel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer


SSI's Gel Hand Sanitizer Program will cover your hand sanitizer needs with one easy system. Dispenser and Gel Alcohol Hand Sanitizer included!

hand sanitizer dispenser

  • Can be programmed to 9,000 uses per gallon, 90% cost reduction compared to standard bottle or wall-mounted dispensers, each use costs just .003 of a cent.
  • Fast absorbing, hands dry in 3 to 4 seconds, minimizing waste that drips away with other products.
  • Dispenser can hold either a one or five gallon container of Gel Alcohol Hand Purifier. One gallon container is perfect size for restaurants, bars, etc. Five gallon container is perfect size for industrial settings.
  • Able to swap out containers at convenient times not when customers or workers report it is out, reuse any remainder in container.
  • Touchless & ADA Compliant.
  • Attractive appearance, storage compartment can be locked and dispenser can be bolted to the floor for security.




hand sanitizer dispenser program hand sanitizer diispenser program


Alcohol Gel Hand Cleaner TDS covid 19 corona virusGel Alcohol Hand Purifier TDS

Alcohol Gel Hand Cleaner TDS covid 19 corona virusClean Hands Program and Dispenser



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