SSI Biobased Mastic Remover

SSI Biobased Mastic Remover removes all types of mastics, adhesives, pastes, and glues. It brings superior performance and safety to your workplace with an environmentally-friendly, plant-based, low-odor and low VOC formula.  A researched blend of surfactants makes this product rinsible with water with no residue left behind.

Mastic removal is a challenging task because these types of adhesives are designed to be waterproof and sealing. SSI Biobased Mastic Remover rises to this challenge and makes removing these materials effortless. Safely work on concrete, asphalt, or tile. Works on especially tough hardened mastics, adhesives and pastes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Biobased, plant-based formula contains no harsh chemicals.
  • Non-combustible, low VOC, no ODCs, neutral pH, non-HAPs, biodegradable, and recyclable resulting in reduced disposal costs.
  • Extremely effective at safely removing even the toughest mastics from all types of surfaces.
  • Derived from vegetable oil blend which has significant regulatory and safety advantages over petroleum-based solvents and address the health concerns facing solvent users today.
  • Removes inks (oil based, solvent based, uv-curable, varnish), adhesives (hot melt, polyurethane, vinyl ester), resin & coatings (polyester, vinyl ester, polyurethane, high & low solid  aliphatic, waterborne epoxy primers, acrylic paints, varnish and  alkyd enamel, latex polymer and other paints), as well as pMDI resin (polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate).
  • Contains No Hydrocarbon Aromatic Naphtha, Phenols, Butyl Cellosolve, Acetone, MEK, Xylene, Toluene or Methylene Chloride. No heavy metals or ions.
  • Can remove newer mastics, layered adhesives and even glues 50+ years old.

There are three chemical formulations of SSI Mastic Remover customized for certain tasks. Call or send us a note using the below form and we will let you know which formulation we recommend.

The below Before & After pictures show how SSI Biobased Mastic Remover removes a difficult adhesive material on an industrial part.


Hero Biobased Adhesive Remover Hero Biobased Resin Cleaner


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