Peracetic Acid (PAA)


Proxitabe Peracetic Acid

There is no known antimicrobial resistance to peracetic acid.

Peracetic acid has emerged as the disinfectant of choice over other traditional methods of disinfection.

Advantages of PAA are:

  • A safe sanitizer that kills 99.9999% of microorganism in seconds then breaks down into water, oxygen and carbon dioxide in minutes.

  • Very low concentrations are required to achieve effective disinfection, particularly in comparison to bleach and hydrogen peroxide, where overdosing is a common mistake - making PAA not only a cost effective, efficient disinfecting choice but also a safer alternative for end users.

  • A long shelf life coupled with its environmental credentials results in a product which gives buyers value for their money.

  • Low corrosion risk, which contrasts with some disinfectants that can affect metal surfaces.

  • One of the most frequently used disinfectants for the sterilization of medical devices such as endoscopy equipment as it has such potent disinfecting qualities but does not leave behind any toxic deposits.

  • Leaves no residue or harmful decomposition products. Remains effective in the presence of organic matter and is sporicidal even at low temperatures.

  • In the CDC test was able to completely kill 6-log10 of Mycobacterium chelonae, Enterococcus faecalis, and B. atrophaeus spores with both an organic and inorganic challenge.

SSI sells Proxitane which is a Peracetic Acid product, click for more on Proxitane.

Here is an Electrostatic sprayer, one method to apply PAA:


Proxitane Fogger/Sprayer


  • Built-in 2200mAh 20V DC Detachable Rechargeable Battery. The Mawwiv Electric Spray gun comes with a 129W motor, negative ion generator built inside. 110V-240V.
  • Spraying Distance: 5 meters. Super strong effect will not miss any corner. The mist vacuum of this mist sprayer is 250 cubic cm.
  • Portable and can create exceptionally fine water fog which is prefect for disease prevention hospital/ classroom/ cinema/ restaurant/ gym studio/ supermarket/ office/ garden/ training institutions/ toilet/ bus station/ for home, garden, indoors & outdoors, public area, school etc.
  • Material: ABS plastic, PE bottle. The container is made from PE material, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for most potions. The head sprays exceptionally fine mist water particles for cleaning anywhere.

Fogging is great for disinfecting food plants, offices and restaurants, it totally sterilizes all surfaces in minutes then breaks down into water and oxygen and totally evaporates in less than 1 hour usually 15 minutes. Fogging PAA will inactivate gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, and yeasts in less than 5 minutes Bacterial spores in suspension are inactivated in 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

Fogging buildings with Perecetic acid sanitizers reaches all surfaces including equipment, walls floors and ventilation.

SSI provided the PAA product for fogging all Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) trains, busses, stations and buildings daily after cleaning.

Perecetic acid has been shown to be effective against the Coronavirus. It is a made with reaction of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid (vinegar). Food safe, PAA is approved to spray directly on meat, poultry, fruits (extends shelf life) and other food products as it breaks down into water, oxygen and carbon dioxide for complete safety.


Proxitane covid 19 corona virusPAA Technical Evaluation Report

Proxitane covid 19 corona virusPAA Efficacy


PAA covid 19 corona virusPAA Presentation

Advantages of peracetic acid for cleanroom-sterilization-disinfection


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