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SSI Parts Washer Service Program

Buy or Rent - SSI expert technicians will provide an all inclusive service program.

We have the Program that fits your needs:

  • Buy or rent any parts washer.
  • We'll provide service at a frequency that fits your needs.
  • partwasherWe offer a selection of solvent cleaning solutions such as SSI Biobased Ultra-Solve or Mineral Spirits. The benefits of biobased are significant , click here to learn more.
  • If aqueous cleaning is appropriate for your application, the Grease Gator is an option.
  • We can provide quarterly reports that summarize each machine's service history to help you budget and plan.

Our comprehensive service visits make sure your parts washer is always ready to clean:

  • We clean all parts of the machine.
  • We maintain the machine to deliver maximum cleaning performance.
  • We remove used cleaning solution and refill with fresh cleaning solution.
  • We recycle the used cleaning solution and return it recycled and cleaned.
  • Our Program is a successful resource utilization programs that the EPA prefers. This makes your operation a good environmental citizen and allows you to claim the environmental kudos that come with that.
  • We help eliminate unplanned expenses and make sure that you comply with local regulations on air quality, worker safety, waste disposal and hazardous materials.

We service the Northen Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana areas.

The below parts washers are available for purchase or rent. Service Programs are available for any parts washer, even ones which you may already own.


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  • Solvent or Biobased.drum parts washer
  • Formed steel sink with a 30 gallon drum.
  • Lid with a gas shock for ease of opening and closing.
  • Flex hose with flow-thru brush.
  • 500 micron drain strainer and steel crumb cup.
  • Nylon tubing with brass fittings for chemical compatibility.
  • 300 GPH Pump.
  • 20” steel filter housing with 100 micron element.
  • Heater (110 electric).
  • DM30 Sink is 32" X 20" X 8"
  • Model 32 is 32" X 22" X 10"
  • Model 48 is 48" X 28" X 18"




Brake Washer

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  • brake cleanerAqueous or solvent




aqueous brake washer









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agitating parts washer







The Grease Gator

grease gatorFor aqueous parts washing the Grease Gator will impress you. The patented and award winning Grease Gator technology is so unique that it has its own webpage.

Click here to learn more about the Grease Gator.







Watch the Grease Gator clean


Watch UltraSolve in a parts washer clean:


Contact Us

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Our Parts Washer Program is very flexible. We will be happy to give a custom proposal that fits your requirements. We have over 100 current parts washer customers who have found SSI Parts Washer Sales and Service to be top notch. Drop us a line using this form, give us a few details on your needs and we will get right back to you with some options.