Repurposing industrial byproducts into useful materials is not only environmentally responsible but also economically beneficial giving you competitive advantage. In today’s era of sustainability, minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact are critical goals that REPURPOSING will help achieve.

The Benefits:

  • Cost Savings/Increased Profitability/Competitive Adantage:  Repurposing is more cost-effective than traditional waste disposal by minimizing treatment and disposal expenses. Also prime, surplus chemicals sell at significantly lower prices compared to virgin materials. And a lower material cost makes you more competitive in the market.

  • Resource Conservation: By reusing chemical byproducts, the need for extracting new raw materials is reduced, lessening the environmental impact associated with mining, refining, and transportation.

  • Byproduct Synergy (BPS): Byproduct synergy involves taking the waste stream from one production process and using it to create a new product.

  • Pollution Reduction:  Recycling waste materials means less air, water, and soil pollution and curtails the negative effects of traditional disposal methods.

  • Energy Efficiency:  Recycling requires less energy than obtaining fresh raw materials. Fewer fossil fuels burned lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions that can combat climate change and contribute to a greener footprint.

  • Reduced Inventory Costs: Surplus chemicals minimize inventory cost by extending the life of the product, and free up valuable capital and storage space.

  • New Revenue Streams:  Repurposed byproducts can become valuable commodities creating new revenue channels.

But Repurposing is not without its challenges: 

  • Cost Considerations: Using some recycled materials may be costlier due to segregation, data management, and safety margins. 

  • Product Design: Repurposing may impact product design, in both the recovery of components and identifying materials for reuse.

  • Logistics: Repurposed materials may not be in the right place at the right time.

  • Trust: It is crucial to ensure that surplus chemicals are procured from reputable sources and meet stringent quality standards. Proper storage and handling procedures must be implemented to maintain the integrity of these materials and minimize any potential safety risks.

Repurposing chemical industrial byproducts isn’t just a responsible choice; it’s a strategic move.  Every discarded material has the potential to become something valuable. Let’s work together to harness the potential of repurposed materials, turning waste into worth, and contributing to a greener, more prosperous future while improving your Supply Chain today.


Here is how our Repurposing Program works:

To Buy Material from us:

  1. Send us the delivery location and contact person email address and we will contact you with details.

  2. For evaluation of the quality of the material we will provide you with samples, photographs, COA's, SDS, and other relevant documentation.

  3. We are flexible with logistics and adapt to your needs. All aspects of shipment and delivery can be handled by us or by you.

  4. We are accountable that the material will arrive at your specified location in good quality and packaging.

  5. Confidentiality and safety are very important throughout the process. The protection of your information is important to us. Your brand’s name and its data are protected. We remove all brand information from all shipping details and documents.

To Sell us Material:

  1. Send us the the following information and we will contact you with details:
    FOB location
    Packaging and quantity of the product
    C of A and SDS
    Pictures of product and containers
    Contact person email address

  2. We buy a variety of chemicals in different forms including pharmaceutical chemicals, polymers, cosmetics, ink, paints and dyes, FFAs, fats and oils, agrochemicals and others.

  3. We purchase a variety of formats such as expired lots, small quantities, damaged containers.

    Additional references on this topic:

    Transforming Manufacturing Waste into Profit - HBS Working Knowledge
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