Customer Testimonials

"We use less soap than our previous brand, because not only does Hero clean better and faster, we are able to reinvigorate it by just adding water. No need to add soap. A single fill lasts twice as long. You have to try this soap."

Tom Diamond, President, Greek American Restaurant Association



"The Grease Gator cleans a thousand times better than anything we have used before and it cleans things we couldn't clean before with our other units."

Terry Whitlock, Manager, Service Department



"We were all blown away by the performance this aqueous unit THAT CLEANS BETTER AND FASTER THAN MINERAL SPIRITS!"

Tim Hargrove



"One of our goals was to reduce our VOC levels at all of our facilities. The Grease Gator is helping and our people love it! The cleaning process is so easy on the hands with an improvement in cleaning power. This is truly impressive technology!"

Mark Glawe, Senior Automotive



"This parts washer unit that we tested was by far the best of them all! Our automotive mechanics plus the garage attendants in our shop used it for everything. It cleans up greasy bearings "so well" that the mechanics do not have to shake or hand-spin the bearings to get all of the grease out. Grimy, oil-soaked gas & diesel engine parts took very little effort to clean."

Craig Wilson, Garage Foreman, UofIllinois Campus Garage



"Use of this parts washer will lower the cost of degreasing parts, reduce volatile organic emissions (VOCs), and lower the waste disposal volume and cost. Waste oil is separated and can be recycled using this system."

Argonne National Laboratory Employee Newsletter



"It is an incredible improvement over solvent. No odor, no risk of fire or explosion, reduces VOCs by 99.5%, reduces chemical and maintenance costs, and improves employee morale because it cleans so well and so easily. Dynamic Manufacturing strongly recommends the Solvent System Aqueous Parts Washer System!"

Dynamic Manufacturing



"Not only your parts washer have no odor, but one of my technicians commented on the fact that your trial machine cut through grease better than mineral spirits. We were very pleased to see how well it cleaned a timing chain, one of the most difficult parts we have to clean."

Vinnie Emerich, Service Manager, Saturn of North Aurora



"I was totally impressed as to how well the Grease Gator out performed the old system. We were not looking for just a better cleaner, we were looking for an Environmentally Friendly parts cleaner. The Grease Gator is both!"

Ron Carreon, Garage Supervisor



"I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your Grease Gator Aqueous parts washer system. The benefits of your system over a solvent-based system are outstanding. Not just the cleaning power but how much safer it is over solvent."

Mike Stamenkovich, Service Manager



"It gives me great pleasure to present you with the Governor's Pollution Prevention Award for 2005. I commend your company's exemplary efforts in reducing waste by directly targeting the source. Your accomplishments have truly benefited all citizens of this state by giving them a healthier and safer environment in which to live."

Rod Blagojevich, Governor of Illinois



"This product cleans well and is user friendly. It is kind to hands, low maintenance, and no more recycling. Thank you for this wonderful product."

Petro Brothers Chrysler



"Six months after getting the Grease Gator, not only have we seen a reduction in our parts washer costs, we have seen improvements in our cleaning processes. Our maintenance group reports that this cleaner does a better job than the solvent parts washer that we previously used, especially on parts that have been coated with the adhesive we apply on our manufacturing lines. It attacks the adhesive much faster."

Jay R., Quality & Environmental Manager, Coated Products Operations



"The cleaner is water-based and completely non-combustible and non-hazardous. VOC emissions are reduced by 99.5%. Yet even with these friendly properties the Grease Gator cleans 57% faster than mineral spirits. The cleaning solution stays continuously clean due to the oil separation and solution purification process."

WISCO Newsletter



"Basically, the system uses a water-based cleaner and a device that separates out oil from the solution. This helps keep the solution clean, saving on replacement chemical costs. It also allows the oil to be collected separately and recycled. The cleaner can then be used again and again, like in a closed loop system, which saves both money and raw material usage. Also, the cleaner poses fewer environmental risks"

Caterpillar Newsletter



"This product works! After spilling coffee on our carpet we tried many different products which failed to completely remove the stain. However after using Hero, we are very excited to say the stain is completely gone. We are extremely delighted with the results."

Stanton J. Ascher, President, Fenceworks



“Hero did an incredible job on all areas of our carpet, pulling out dirt and residue left over from professional cleanings, and bonus - saved us lots of money! Using Hero Carpet Cleaner with Anti-Soiling Agent, I could become a professional carpet cleaner!”

Craig Campeglia , President, Franks Mechanical Contractors